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Every time, every time, it's different. Every single time,it's different. Every single time.These aren't just, like, on minor points, by the way.When somebody starts adding stuff over time, adding stuff at the prelim, adding stuff at a trial, coming up with more outrageous facts as we go, that has to concern you. That's stinks. That can't be right. She's repeatedly inconsistent on even the date the offense occurred. She's inconsistent




Message to Rebecca White: Here

Other msg to Rebecca White:

Subject: You signature to confirm that you are the victim.

Dear Rebecca Mckay White,
as you surely know I put on-line a petition on the following link:
and in the home page: I have inserted the picture that you presented at the trial, with the related explanations, without adding anything to your declarations. In this petition I ask for further investigations in order to clarify the case. Since 99% of the people that were present at the trial or being informed about this case are not convinced that you are the victim, further investigations would be also in your interest if it is true that you are indeed the victim. If it is true what you say prove it definitely, beyond all reasonable doubt. Why you have witnessed in front of the bible and the American Flag that you even spoke with me on the phone… it is not clear in which language since at the time I couldn’t even say “how are you?”. Given the incongruities in the testimonies and documents presented everything is unclear to me. Therefore if I am mad and Carlo is a criminal, please sign the petition and to strike also you to you in order to ask real investigations.

She said: 30 time aganist wall and 30 time aganist boletin bord, no wall broken no head broken..look what appened if that is true: HERE

Character and quality of Rebecca White's testimony.

E-mail to Brian Whitney on 8/29/02, the first one I'm
referring to now that was shown to her. Remember this?

"I am in a police safehouse packing a gun." And the
other line? That should be in quotes, by the way. Iapologize.

"I gave him three weeks to make it right, and he
did not feel he did anything to me. So this is the story." And signed "Becca.

Now, when I first showed her that e-mail, she
claimed -- she claimed on that e-mail, for whatever reason,

"I didn't write this." Remember that? "This is not one of the
e-mails I gave," she said, "Mr. Romero," the DA's office.

That's what she said. And she said it with anger, with spite,
like, you know, I'm trying to fool her or something. "I never
said this.
I didn't even have a gun. How would I say that?
That's crazy. I gave him three weeks to make -- I didn't say
that, no way."

And then what happened? For some reason -- and I
don't know what the reason was, and I won't speculate -- she
thought that that e-mail looked different; that she thought,

"Hey, something is going on here. I should deny this. He

probably can't prove that it came from me."
What was she

thinking? And then I showed her one of the e-mails that she
gave to Mr. Romero.
She had to admit it came from her. Same
exact lines were in it. And then what was her answer?
What about that?

Was that just a mistake? "Oh, I don't know what
I meant by that." What was her answer to that?
How could she
possibly explain that?
She was going to come and swear to you

she didn't write that. When she is caught, when she is
caught, "I'm sorry. Just a mistake. Come on, I made so many

statements, how could I possibly remember. Just a mistake."